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Art guitar – Art for Peace Building

10 February, 2014Fina All Zapatos Una Match 9Cm Negra Lady De Heeled 34 Trabajo Gamuza Temperamento Muelle Con MDRW 39 Zapatos Ocio Punta Elegante High vfxZUwWCqO

Art in each of its manifestations fosters creativity, communicates the state of the mind and body, and promotes cerebral connections that stimulate empathy and learning through games, tools for building…

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¿Por qué confío en la Fundación Mi Sangre?, por Natalia Orozco

5 February, 2014

Soy una optimista moderada. Sin embargo, estoy convencida de que, dado el momento histórico que vive Colombia, cada vez, somos más los que nos preguntamos cómo aportarle al País, a una Colombia…

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Fundación Mi Sangre, creada por Juanes, gana importante convocatoria del BID

8 January, 2014

Con un anuncio realizado por el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), la Fundación Mi Sangre, creada hace 7 años por el músico colombiano Juanes, se convierte a partir de hoy,en la…

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La Fundación Mi Sangre participa en proyecto para reducir trabajo infantil en minas artesanales

8 January, 2014

En la Fundación Mi Sangre seguimos cocreando ambientes protectores para evitar la explotación laboral…

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Colombia participantes

Mi Sangre in numbers

In our 9 years of work we have succeeded in reaching
+ 86 thousand participants with Peace Education and
+ 12 thousand with Psychosocial Attention,
in 7 of Colombia´s Departments and 35 of its Municipalities.

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Mi Sangre Foundation

We are a not-for-profit organization that believes that Peace is built beginning with every individual. Founded ten years ago by the singer, songwriter and social leader Juan Esteban Aristizábal, Juanes, with the aim of co-creating protective environments where children and youth can discover and exercise their powers as peacebuilders.We develop and implement methodologies so that people impacted by violence, begin to believe in themselves and in others of their community, to discover and strengthen the ability of children and youth as leaders of change, so that they discover that their voice can raise awareness in society and promote a peace culture in their territory.
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This allows us to address problems such as forced recruitment, child labor, the use and abuse of psychoactive substances, and different types of violence and violation of rights.

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